Hi, I'm Elizabeth Strickland, Mike's 16 year-old daughter. I've been studying classical piano for ten years now. I've performed in over 90 concerts with my dad so far! I am working on my 3rd CD which is due out next year sometime.

For a preview of my upcoming CD, click below to hear the Rachmaninoff G# Minor Prelude

Another interest of mine is writing. To read my blog from a recent house concert tour, click here.


Here are my other cd's

Here's some audio samples of my recent CD, A Passion for Piano. Recorded from ages 12-13, this CD has selections by Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Shostakovich, Bartok, Scarlatti and Grieg! Click here to order.

Bach Prelude and fugue in C# major

"these were a real pain to learn but really fun to finally be able to play them. "

Shostakovich Dance #3

"this one sounds a bit like a guy falling down the stairs in one part! "

Norwegian Dance #1 | Norwegian Dance #4

"a couple of fun Grieg pieces I play with my piano duo partner, Nellie."

Here are some audio samples from my 1st CD I recorded when I was age 8 to 11, called Classical Piano. This CD has Chopin's A minor Waltz, 2 Bach preludes, Bartok, Schumann, Shostakovich, 3 Spanish Dances by Granados, and a live recording of the Hadyn Piano Concerto in C major with 12 violinists and 4 cellists from the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra. Click here to order.

Haydn Piano Concerto 3rd movement

"The Hadyn Piano Concerto in C major was the most stressful piece I have ever played in my whole life. I think that my mom set a new nagging record. But performing it with the symphony was one of my proudest moments."

Bach French Suite #2

"I like the different flowing melodies that Bach writes."

Granados Oriental

"I like this one. It is so pretty and sad."

Shostakovich Waltz

"Shostakovich always seems to have hidden jokes in his music."

Hovhaness Macedonian Mountain Dance

"Demented. I don’t think I need to say anything else here except that it is one of the goofiest but coolest pieces I have ever played."

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